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Our Community


Our Parents

Working together for our children Work in collaboration with the family and with each individual to create the beautiful harmony of an orchestra. The Montessori method by Maria Montessori ( 1870 - 1952). .  

Parents are viewed as important members of our community. They are welcome visitors to the Centre at all times. We encourage and value suggestions and participation in events and activities.  

All parents of KDMCH are encouraged to participate in 'Parent Connection' through the class parent contact list. The main aim of this is to foster friendship among the parents.  It also offers parents an opportunity to liaise with each other and discuss any concerns, grievances, complaints, fund-raising, comments or suggestions about the care and education of children and aspects of management. 


Child Care & Education for 6 months to 6 years old

Open from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

Open 50 Weeks per year



Our staff makes the difference in Kenmore and District Montessori Children’s House.

At Kenmore and District Montessori, all our staff are qualified and experienced.


Our Director and the educations leader hold master’s in Early Childhood Studies along with Montessori qualifications.

The minimum qualification of our educators are a Certificate III in Children's services.


All the classroom staff hold a Diploma in Montessori and Diploma in Children Services. Kindergarten teachers are registered with the Queensland College of Teachers and hold Montessori qualifications.


Classroom assistants hold an Advanced certificate in Montessori. Many have additional qualifications and life experiences, and some are currently studying to further their professional base.

In Montessori, the teacher’s role is that of a guide or facilitator whose task is to support the child in his or her process of self-development and education. For that reason, In Montessori education teachers are commonly known as ‘directors.


KDMCH has an ongoing commitment to professional development for their staff.

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