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Quality Educare

KDMCH  Education and Care (Educare Program)
Children engage deeply in things that interest them. They learn by exploring, and doing. Their inborn drive to learn can be warmly supported by the environment we provide at KDMCH. We believe by providing a supportive environment children teach themselves more effectively and joyfully than any other way of learning.

Nido & Infant Community (Infants and toddlers)
The first three years of a child’s life is very important and it has a special importance. This is the period where a child builds confidence, self esteem and concentration skills.

Infant Community

Room A - Nido (6 months - 2 yrs) has 8 places Minimum 2 days 1 Group
Room B - Infant Community (15mths - 3yrs) has 10 places Minimum 2 days 1 Group

Children’s House
Three to six year old children experience many intensive learning experiences and work with hands. The hand guided by the mind, builds intelligence and understanding of the world. Our children house age groups support exploration and optimal child development. ( Government approved Kindergarten program is offered in Room D and E for those children who are 4years old by 30th June.)

Room C (2 yrs - 3yrs) has 12 places Minimum 2 days 1 Group
Kindergarten Program - 3 days minimum
Room D - Kindy A (3years - 6years) has 21 places
Minimum 3 days 1 Group
Kindergarten Program
Room E - Kindy B (3years - 6years) has 24 places
Minimum 3 days 1 Group

KDMCH is a participant of, 2013 Montessori Quality Assurance Programme conducted by The Montessori Australia Foundation

 MQAP Report 2013, ( click to view)