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At KDMCH we follow the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, who states, “Montessori Method of education is for life, key to peace and social harmony.” KDMCH is guided by the Montessori Quality Assurance program charter. We encourage our children to develop at their own pace in a safe, caring and carefully prepared environment. Our approach values the human spirit and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional and cognitive. We provide an individual approach tailored to each child’s stage of development and learning style. We seek to create a genuine sense of belonging by building rapport among teachers, community, parents and children and a place where each individual as well as each family is valued and respected. It is our aim to continually reflect and improve the quality, to provide an exceptional early childhood care and education program.



Our vision is to support the child to become lifelong learners by inspiring a passion for learning with resilience, tolerance, responsibility and foundation to become independent in an atmosphere of profound warmth, kindness and respect. Our aim is to honour the legacy of Dr. Montessori’s vision for world peace with KDMCH children, staff, families and the wider community.



Our mission at KDMCH is to strive for excellence by providing a holistic learning experiences which address the uniqueness of each child’s strong sense of self; wonder and curiosity; innovation, understanding and respect for others in a sustainable and natural environment. To continuously improve and maintain the excellence in the knowledge and application of early childhood education and care standards and reflective practices with the seven quality areas provided by Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.