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The staff at Kenmore Montessori are all locally qualified, experienced, hardworking, caring and committed professionals. Each is a respected and valued member of our Kenmore community.

ALL OUR KINDY TEACHERS ARE REGISTERED WITH QUEENSLAND COLLEGE OF TEACHERS (QCT), and they have Bachelor degree teaching qualifications & recognised Montessori teaching qualifications.

ALL OUR LEADERS hold Master Level Early childhood education qualifications and Montessori qualifications.

The five rooms.

  • Nido (8 children) 1:4 ratio
  • Infant Community A (12 children) 1: 4
  • Infant Community B (15 children) 1:5
  • Kindy A (18 children) 1:11
  • Kindy B (22 children) 1:11

Each of our Kindergarten classrooms is staffed by a qualified early childhood teacher (Director) and two assistants.

Each of our Nido and Infant community rooms is staffed by a Children Services qualified and Montessori qualified guides with two assistants in each class.


Our Director

Renuka Senanayake,
  • M.Ed., Grad Dip Ed, Grad Dip L&T, BA, Dip in Montessori 0-3 and 3-6 (A.M.I.)
  • Renuka is one of the founder members of KDMCH. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care. Renuka’s experience ranges across being an early child hood teacher, tutor, mentor, lecturer, director and consultant for starting up Montessori long day care centres. Renuka is also a registered teacher with Queensland College of Teachers and a member of Association Montessori Internationale. Renuka is a strong believer in individual needs of children and like to support children into lifelong learners.

    Our Education Leader / Kindy Teacher

    Thy Nguyen,
  • M.Ed., Grad Dip Ed, BA (TESOL), Dip in Montessori 0-3 and 3-6
  • Thy is a founder member of KDMCH. Sha has more than 12 years experience in Early Childhood and Care. Thy has worked as a teacher, tutor and mentor and currently working as the Education Leader/ Kindy teacher at KDMCH. Thy is a registered teacher with Queensland Collage of Teachers. Thy aims to guide young children to become independent and confident learners. Thy is an advocate for the Montessori Philosophy, For as Maria Montessori says “Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world”.

    Kindy Teacher

    Joanne Martyn,
  • B.Ed., Dip in Montessori 3-6
  • Joanne commenced her Montessori journey 20 years ago in the UK. Returning back to Australia a few years later, she ceased work to embark on a mission to have her own family. Five boys later Joanne returned to the workforce to continue her teaching of Montessori education. Her passion for early childhood teaching combined with the Montessori Method means she can deliver a program which strongly incorporates her values and beliefs and love of small children. Joanne recently completed her Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) degree. She has been teaching at KDMCH since 2013.

    Infant Community A Group Leader

    Elisabet Koit Rasool,
  • B.Ed., Dip in CS, Dip in Montessori 0-3
  • Elisabet has been working at KDMCH since 2011, She has more than 20 years’ experience working with young children in different capacities. As a music teacher, educator and a group leader.

    Infant Community B Group Leader

    Daljit Kaur,
  • Dip in Montessori 2-6, Education eqv to Dip in CS
  • Daljit, completed her Montessori studies in the UK in Year 2007 and worked as a Group Leader at KDMCH before leaving to Dubai. She has worked as the Head of Nursery and Academic Counsellor for 5 years in Dubai and returned back to KDMCH. She is well versed in the Montessori Philosophy, Child Development and Child Psychology. Daljit is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education.

    Nido Group Leader

    Jennifer McKeon.
  • Dip in CS, Adv Cert in Montessori
  • Jennifer has been with KDMCH since 2012. Jennifer has more than 16 years experience working with children 0-2. She started as an educator at KDMCH and worked her way up to becoming the Group leader for Nido. She is very passionate about guiding the children to be independent and is a strong believer in Montessori philosophies.

    All the other staff

    At Kenmore and District Montessori, all our staff are qualified. The minimum qualification for the careres are a Certificate 111 in Children's services. All the classroom leaders hold a Diploma in Montessori and Diploma in Children Services. Kindergarten teachers are registered with the Queensland College of Teachers and also hold Montessori qualifications. Classroom assistants hold an Advanced certificate in Montessori. Many have additional qualifications and life experiences and some are currently studying to further their professional base.

    In Montessori, the teacher’s role is that of a guide or facilitator whose task is to support the child in his or her process of self-development and education. For that reason, In Montessori education teachers are commonly known as ‘directors’.

    Specialist Staffing.

    In addition KDMCH also has a number of specialist teachers for language studies (Chinese and French), Music. Centre has library visits and sporting activities.

    Our Cook

    Rosemary Flynn

    Rose is our in- house cook. Under her management, for the last eight years KDMCH gained a five star food safety rating( the highest rating) for KDMCH. Rose also holds a Cert iii in Children’s Services and a Food safety Certificate.