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Food & Nutrition

Kenmore Montessori is proud to offer the children nutritious and delicious meals. Menus are designed to provide at least 50% of daily recommended intake and to maximise nutrition, including providing fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Milk is provided at lunchtime. Artificial additives and allergen items are minimised as much as possible.

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If your child has any dietary requirements please note them on the enrolment form and discuss further with the staff. In circumstances where families wish to provide food, please do so in clearly labelled lunch boxes. A guide to acceptable foods is available from the office.

Babies have very special diets and these need to be considered closely. A well balanced and healthy diet is vital for young growing bodies. We ask that parents of children in the Baby and Infant rooms discuss meals with the staff and advise the staff of any special requirements.

If the child has any special dietary requirements parents are expected to provide the meals.

KDMCH go through a Food and Nutrition accreditation on a regular basis as recommended by the Brisbane City Council.

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