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Kenmore Montessori has been purposely designed and built to honour the Montessori method of teaching.

We give careful consideration to the children's needs, parent’s needs, staff needs and the use of building materials and practices which respect the environment.  Our classrooms are bigger than required, air-conditioned and fitted with fans.

In addition to the classrooms, we have a multi-purpose room that can accommodate specialist teachers, visitors, staff training, parent get-togethers, information sessions, parent seminars and a playgroup.

The Centre is a Sun Smart Centre and strict guidelines for sun safety are adhered to.

The first time you enter a Montessori classroom you realise both how calm and stimulating it is.  The equipment and materials are displayed on low open shelves, allowing the children to choose for themselves the activities they find attractive.  All the materials are child sized, self-correcting, manipulative and, where possible, real. You will find the teachers working quietly guiding either a small group or an individual child.  A cooperative feeling of community can be felt and seen in the happy and busy faces of the children. This is truly a child-centred environment.

We are also a member of both the Montessori World Education Institution and Montessori Australia Foundation